Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Welcome Baby Emma!

Mommy loves Emma!

Daddy loves Emma!

Emma passed her hearing test! yay!

Emma’s birth story:
After a few random contractions here and there over the past few days, we were still wondering when you would arrive.  Thursday night we went to bed just like any other night, but this night would be very different, very special!  This is the night we would meet you!!
A little after 0100, I woke with a contraction. It was uncomfortable, but I was able to fall back to sleep easily.  Then, at 0230, I woke with another uncomfortable contraction, but once again I was able to fall back to sleep.  Finally at 0330, I woke with a very painful contraction that caused me to jump up and try to find a way to position myself through it to relieve the pain.  There was no falling back to sleep.  I had another contraction and another…. They were irregular, unpredictable, and each different than the one before it.  The warm shower water was very helpful in managing the pain.  Daddy and I were trying to figure out if this was “it” or if this was just another round of false labor.  Without any understandable pattern the contractions were getting more painful and eventually we knew we needed to go to the hospital.  Daddy called Kim and asked her to come and care for Anneliese.  Daddy helped me get ready to go and we made our way downstairs, but before we could get out the door, I had more contractions and eventually I had Daddy call 911. I just knew that if we tried to drive to Balboa, you would be born in the SUV!  My water broke at about 0430 and that relieved a lot of pressure.  I could feel you descending very quickly, so somehow I made my way back up to the bath tub.  While in the bathtub, on my knees, I felt your head descending.  The paramedics arrived just in time to see your birth.  They wanted me to get out of the tub, but I refused.  Minutes later, your head was crowning, then we heard you cry and oh how my heart leaped with joy!!! I started saying “I love you Emma!” over and over again!  Then out came your little body and I asked them to not clamp or cut the cord until it stopped pulsating.  they waited a few minutes and then clamped and but the cord and took you to clean you up!  We were taking to the closest hospital (Grossmont) via ambulance even though everything was just fine with both of us.  God blessed us with a delightful, healthy, precious little girl!! You are just so beautiful and Daddy and Mommy fell in love with you from the very first moment we saw you—a love that began before you were even conceived!!!!   Oh how we love you, Emma Marie! =)
Birth date: 12.17.10 at 0517
Weight: 8 pounds 4 ounces (after nursing you)
Length: 20 ½ inches long


  1. Congratulations to a beautiful and healthy little girl! //Anna from CT at T for Me

  2. Oh what a grand story and i LOVE how you've told it here! Congratulations to a beautiful and healthy new daughter. Glad you are both doing great, and can't wait to see more photos.

  3. Congratulations, Fred & Cheryl! She is absolutely beautiful! We just had our first baby girl on August 17th of this year and she is so much fun :) May the Lord continue to bless you and your precious family.

    Love in Christ,
    Kristi Spreng <><

  4. congratulations and welcome to Emma :)

  5. What a story!!! Congratulations! Maybe you can just plan a homebirth next time...hehe... Way to go!

  6. Oh Cheryl!! What a beautiful story!! Congratulations on the birth of another beautiful baby girl! You are blessed indeed!
    {HUGS} Krista -from TeresaBelle's CT ;)

  7. oh....sweeetyy!!! :) Congrats! And Merry Xmas to everyone! Welcome little Emma!!! :)
    Maretta from Teresabelle's Ct

  8. Congratulations Cheryl! And welcome little Emma! You're precious!

  9. i haven´t said CONGRATS here ;-) she is Beautiful! so glad everything is fine with you! all best for the new year in your new family!

    hugs, terese